Should I Change The Transmission Fluid In My Car Or Truck?

Learn when you should change the transmission fluid in your car or truck at Galleria BMW.

When Do You Need To Change Transmission Fluid?

The fluid in the transmission helps keep a transmission from overheating, and it must be routinely serviced. Does it matter what transmission the car has? No matter if your vehicle has an automatic, manual, CVT, new, or even a used transmission, the fluid in the transmission keeps it lubricated so that it may work as intended. Every manufacturer has its own specific maintenance schedule for servicing the transmission fluid, but if you feel any fluctuations in the way your transmission drives, then flushing the fluid could help solve the problem

When To Replace Transmission Fluid

How Often Does Transmission Fluid Need To Be Changed?

Sadly, there isn’t a ‘right’ answer as to how long does transmission fluid last. If you own a classic car that lives in a climate-controlled environment, you may be able to go years without needing to flush or change the transmission fluid. If you have an HD pickup that gets worked way too hard, then you might consider flushing or changing the transmission fluid more often. If you have doubt about how often to change your transmission fluid, then it’s probably worth getting it. Our knowledgeable mechanics will diagnose the issue and suggest the right service and get you back on the road, quickly.

Transmission Fluid Change vs. Flush

Is It Better To Get a Transmission Fluid Change or Flush?

No matter what you own, eventually, the transmission fluid will get old and stop working correctly. So, flush or change, which is the better choice?

Transmission Fluid Change – This simple procedure involves draining the old transmission fluid from your car. While it can’t get rid of all of the fluid, the cost of a transmission fluid change is less than a transmission flush.

Transmission Fluid Flush – This procedure includes specialized tools to suction the old transmission fluid from the system. Flushing the transmission fluid may have a bigger price tag but is a more thorough way of removing the used fluid.

Each situation and car is unique, let our technicians examine your car, and they will offer an estimate of the unique services your vehicle needs.

Signs You Need To Change Your Manual Transmission Fluid

Signs Of Manual Transmission Problems

If you purchased your vehicle brand-new, then you will have the full service history and if the vehicle is up-to-date on its regular maintenance. If you bought a pre-owned vehicle, then you might not have the full service records to know when and if the transmission was last flushed. Other than the obvious check engine light, if you experience poor acceleration, slipping gears, or transmission whine, or harsh shifting, then you might want to consider having your transmission fluid changed.

Schedule Biloxi BMW Service

Still unsure if you should change the transmission fluid in your car or truck? Galleria BMW is happy to help. Our team of service professtionals is happy to assess your transmission fluid levels to make sure your vehicle is operating at its best. Visit us in persson or online to schedule your transmission service appointment today.


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Should I Change The Transmission Fluid In My Car Or Truck? | Galleria BMW

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