Electrify Your Journeys: The BMW Electric Advantage for Travelers

In an era marked by a global push towards sustainable living, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as frontrunners in the automotive industry. As technology advances, concerns about the practicality of electric cars, especially for travelers, are rapidly diminishing. BMW, a pioneer in the luxury automotive space, has not only embraced the electric revolution but has also redefined the way we approach road trips. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve into the best tips for planning a road trip with an electric vehicle while also showcasing the capabilities and benefits of traveling in an electric vehicle made by BMW.

Getting Ready for Your Journey

Prior to embarking on any journey, thorough preparation is paramount to ensure a seamless and efficient experience. When it comes to road tripping in an electric vehicle, a little bit of planning goes a long way in making things easier. BMW, a pioneer in electric mobility, provides a suite of top-notch tools and resources, elevating your travel experience to unparalleled levels of convenience.

Key Steps to Prepare Your Electric BMW Vehicle:

  • Charge your BMW Before Departure:
    • Ensuring your BMW is fully charged before embarking on your journey is a fundamental step for an uninterrupted and efficient road trip.
  • Pre-condition Your BMW Using the myBMW App:
    • Utilize the myBMW app to pre-condition your vehicle, customizing cabin settings to your preferences. This not only enhances comfort but also optimizes your vehicle’s charge.
  • Set Your Route with the myBMW App:
    • Plan your route meticulously using the myBMW app, identifying the most efficient paths and strategically selecting charging stops along the way.
  • Sync Your Route to BMW Maps:
    • Seamlessly integrate your planned route with BMW Maps, allowing for navigation directly from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Pack Your Flexible Fast Charger:
    • Enhance your charging options by packing the Flexible Fast Charger, ensuring you have flexibility in choosing charging stations during your journey.

Charging Times: Know Before You Go

Understanding charging times is crucial for effective trip planning. Here’s a quick overview of charging times for various all-electric BMW models when using a Level 2 BMW Wallbox or Flexible Fast Charger at 240V/9.6kW:

BMW i4: ~3 hrs 30 mins – 4 hrs 30 mins

BMW i5: ~3 hrs 30 mins – 4 hrs

BMW iX: ~4-5 hrs

BMW i7: ~4 hrs

It’s important to note that these times can vary depending on the charger’s power and your vehicle’s initial charge level. For those looking to minimize pit stops, high-powered DC Fast charging provides an impressive charging speed, ranging from 10 to 13 minutes.

Trip Planning Made Seamless

Embarking on an electric vehicle journey is not merely about reaching a destination; it’s a strategic and empowering experience when armed with the knowledge of optimizing your electric vehicle’s range. In this electrifying age of sustainable mobility, understanding how to boost your electric vehicle’s efficiency is a game-changer. From planning your trip with charging stops strategically mapped out to aligning recharge breaks with meals and activities, every aspect contributes to a seamless and enjoyable ride. The key lies in the details – knowing where to charge, when to charge, and ensuring your vehicle is fully charged before departure transforms electric vehicle travel into a well-thought-out adventure.

The My BMW App: A Traveler’s Best Friend

The My BMW App is a powerful tool designed specifically for electric vehicles. Among its suite of advanced features, it allows you to check your current battery charge and available range at a glance. Finding nearby compatible charging stations becomes a breeze, ensuring you’re never far from a power source. Moreover, you can schedule charging times and monitor charging sessions, giving you complete control over your BMW’s energy needs. A pro tip for savvy travelers – pre-condition your all-electric BMW remotely through the app to optimize cabin and battery temperatures before embarking on your journey, thus maximizing your vehicle’s range.

Optimizing Your Recharge Times

Maximize your electric driving experience by strategically planning your stops around breaks, meals, and overnight stays to efficiently minimize recharge times. Enjoy the added convenience of complimentary charging sessions seamlessly integrated into Electrify America’s expansive nationwide network. With your all-electric BMW seamlessly interfacing with all open public charging networks, the flexibility and ease of planning ahead become paramount, ensuring you have access to multiple charging stations and a hassle-free journey from start to finish.

A Glimpse into the Future (Coming 2024):

In an exciting development set for 2024, a groundbreaking joint-venture public charging network is poised to redefine the landscape of electric driving. The BMW Group, in collaboration with six other major global automakers, is spearheading the creation of an extensive charging infrastructure across North America. Envisioned to include at least 30,000 high-powered charge points strategically positioned in urban and highway locations, this initiative aims to significantly enhance access to fast-charging capabilities. Drivers can anticipate not just efficient recharging but also digital integration and carefully curated amenities for both drivers and passengers, embodying a thoughtful approach to electric mobility whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Boost Your Range

Understanding how to enhance your electric vehicle’s range is crucial, especially considering the EPA ranges provided by all-electric BMW vehicles, which can exceed 300 miles under controlled conditions. Real-world performance can differ, but by harnessing key factors, you can significantly maximize your vehicle’s estimated range.

  • Mild Temperatures:
    • Electric range tends to be more favorable in mild ambient temperatures.
    • Optimal conditions contribute to better energy efficiency, extending the distance your BMW can travel on a single charge.
  • Economical Driving:
    • Adopting an anticipatory, relaxed, and smooth driving style is key.
    • This approach optimizes your range by utilizing less energy, making each charge more efficient and extending your electric vehicle’s capabilities.
  • Pre-Conditioning:
    • Pre-conditioning your vehicle while charging is a powerful strategy.
    • It optimizes both the battery and the cabin to their optimal temperatures, utilizing power directly from the outlet and setting the stage for an extended range.
  • Flatter Terrain:
    • Driving in areas with flatter terrain offers an advantage.
    • Your electric motor doesn’t have to work as hard, resulting in minimized energy consumption from the battery and an extended range for your BMW.

As the automotive landscape evolves, so do the capabilities of electric vehicles. BMW’s commitment to innovation and sustainability shines through in their electric vehicle lineup. With the My BMW App, trip planning becomes an adventure in itself, and the worry of charging times is alleviated. Embrace the future of travel with a BMW electric vehicle, where every journey is not just a road trip but an experience waiting to be electrified. Shop your next BMW electric vehicle today.

Your Questions About Traveling With An Electric Vehicle Answered

Are Electric Cars Good for Traveling?

Absolutely! Electric vehicles, especially those from BMW, are well-suited for traveling. With advanced trip planning features and a robust charging infrastructure, you can embark on journeys with confidence, knowing that your BMW is equipped to handle the road ahead.

Is It Possible to Road Trip in an EV?

Without a doubt! The days of range anxiety are behind us, and BMW’s commitment to electric mobility ensures that road tripping in an EV is not only possible but also enjoyable. The My BMW App and the Range & Route tool empower you to plan your trips effectively, making electric road trips a seamless experience.

What to Do with an Electric Car When Traveling?

When traveling with an electric car, a little planning goes a long way. Utilize the My BMW App to locate nearby charging stations, schedule charging sessions, and monitor your vehicle’s status. Charging times are optimized with high-powered options, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your journey.

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