Galleria BMW Is An


Certified Center

Welcome to M Certified

Galleria BMW is proud to be one of the select centers that is actually M Certified. This allows our customers to have preferential allocation and shorter waiting lists for M products. There are several benefits our customers get to enjoy since our dealership is M Certified. We have just a few listed below and have multiple M certified technicians on staff, so you know your M vehicles are in great hands!

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What Is An M Certified Dealer?

Premium Training

To maintain M Certification, individuals must participate in annual M training. This training is exclusive to M Certified Center staff and is led by top M Brand experts. Center personnel will engage with a suite of BMW M products, learn critical updates, and be trained on the engineering and technilogical advantages built into every M vehicle that differentiate BMW from our competitors.

Quality Showroom

M Certified showrooms combine first-class interiors with engaging M Specific multimedia product presentations to create a cohesive environment to show off our cars.

Extra Benefits

Additional program benefits include exclusive eligibility for incremental M Products, select opportunities for in-dealership M Test Drive events, and special early previews of M products.

We Are M Certified

Experience M Certified

At BMW M Certified Centers, customers have the chance to witness BMW M in full motion. Witness the sights, sounds, and sensations of BMW M like never previously experienced. These Certified Centers illuminate the distinctive qualities that define the BMW M Brand: unparalleled driving dynamics and an unparalleled aesthetic. The M Showrooms stand as unique and unparalleled, featuring exceptional interiors and premier multimedia displays, establishing an ideal setting to showcase our finest automobiles.